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Ceramic glaze frit furnace

Ceramic glaze frit furnace


product description:
This ceramic glaze frit furnace is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, new-type electric furnace independently researched and developed by our company. It has an advanced and reasonable structure, and has a beautiful appearance. The shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The two-color imported epoxy powder electrostatic spraying process is processed, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, using high-quality silicon molybdenum rods as heating elements. This electric furnace has a temperature field balance, low surface temperature, , The cooling rate can be adjusted arbitrarily, energy saving and other advantages. The furnace is made of composite alumina fiber material through a unique numerical control process. It has strong thermal shock resistance, strong quenching and rapid heating resistance, good corrosion resistance, no collapse, no crystallization, no slag, no pollution, and long service life. . The control system adopts microcomputer artificial intelligence adjustment technology, with PID adjustment, full-automatic control, self-tuning functions, multi-stage program programming, and can prepare various heating, holding, and cooling programs with high temperature control accuracy; integrated module thyristor control, shift Phase trigger, protection system: adopts independent over-temperature protection, over-voltage, over-current, leakage, short-circuit protection, etc. The degree of automation is high, and various indicators have reached the international advanced level.


、 炉膛材料选用进口轻质高纯氧化铝陶瓷材料,硬度高、高温不掉粉,高温烧结无挥发,环保安全,符合国际行业标准 1. The furnace material is selected from imported high-purity alumina ceramic materials with high hardness, no powder falling at high temperature, no sintering at high temperature, environmental protection and safety, and meeting international industry standards

、 发热体采用优质硅钼棒,可承受负荷大,稳定且使用寿命长;硅钼棒均匀的排列在炉膛两侧,温场均匀性好 2. The heating element adopts high-quality silicon molybdenum rod, which can bear large load, stable and long service life; silicon molybdenum rods are evenly arranged on both sides of the furnace, and the temperature field is uniform.

、 专利温控设计,升温速度快,温度均匀性好,60分钟可升到1600℃,较行业内同规格电炉烧结效率提高3倍以上,安全高效 3 , Patented temperature control design, fast heating speed, good temperature uniformity, it can rise to 1600 ℃ in 60 minutes, which is more than 3 times higher than the same standard electric furnace sintering efficiency in the industry, safe and efficient

、 控温精度高,冲温小,具有温度补偿和温度校正功能,控温精度为±1℃ 4 , high temperature control accuracy, small temperature, with temperature compensation and temperature correction functions, temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃

、 采用进口控温仪表,具有程序功能,可设定升温曲线,可编30个程序段 5 , using imported temperature control instrument, with program function, can set the heating curve, can program 30 program segments

双层优质碳钢板、表面防锈耐高温烤漆处理; 6 , double-layer high-quality carbon steel plate, surface anti-rust and high-temperature baking paint treatment;

、 电子元器件均采用德力西产品,带有漏电保护功能,安全可靠 7. Electronic components are made of Delixi products, with leakage protection function, safe and reliable.

本机对工作过程中的 超温报警并断电,漏电保护,操作安全可靠 8. This machine alarms over-temperature during work and cuts off power, protects against leakage, safe and reliable operation.

智能PID调节,微电脑控制,30段可编程式控温曲线,无需看守(全自动升,降,保温) 9 , intelligent PID adjustment, microcomputer control, 30-segment programmable temperature control curve, no need to guard (automatic rise, fall, heat preservation)

可通过我们的软件,与计算机互联,可实现单台或者多台电炉的远程控制、实时追踪、历史记录、输出报表等功能;可安装无纸记录装置,实现数据的存储、输出; 10. It can be connected to the computer through our software, which can realize the remote control, real-time tracking, historical records, output reports and other functions of single or multiple electric furnaces; paperless recording devices can be installed to realize data storage and output;  

Main uses and scope of application:

This equipment is widely used in universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to make ideal equipment for experiments and production of powder, electronics, machinery, military industry, chemical industry, rubber, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, glass, new materials, metal sintering and metal heat treatment.

The main technical parameters:  

The factory can provide various accessories for the frit furnace, crucibles, crucible lids, crucible plugs, crucible tongs, high temperature gloves, etc.








Crucible volume







Temperature category

℃. 1200 ℃. 1400 ℃. 1600 ℃. 1700 1000 ℃. 1200 ℃. 1400 ℃. 1600 ℃. 1700

Crucible material

99.9% High purity zirconium quartz ( 99.9% )

Temperature control accuracy

± 1

± 1

± 1

± 1

± 1

± 1

/ 频率 Voltage / frequency

AC / Hc













Heating element

Depending on the temperature, select high-quality resistance wire, silicon carbon rod, silicon molybdenum rod for heating.

Heating rate

/h 40 /min 可调 Adjustable from 1 / h to 40 / min

Thermocouple model

K 分度, S 分度, B 分度 Depending on temperature, K division, S division, B division

Heating element installation

Install crucible heating on all sides

Temperature control method

PID 调节、全自动控制、自整定功能, 多段 程序编程,并可编制各种升温、保温、降温程序,控温精度高;集成模块可控硅控制、移相触发。 Microcomputer intelligent adjustment technology, with PID adjustment, full-automatic control, self-tuning functions, multi-stage program programming, and can prepare a variety of heating, insulation, cooling programs, high temperature control accuracy; integrated module thyristor control, phase shift trigger

protective device

Independent over-temperature protection, over-voltage, over-current, leakage, short circuit protection. 各项指标达到了国际先进水平 High degree of automation, all indicators have reached the international advanced level   .

Furnace material

High-purity alumina zirconium-containing fiberboard

Crucible removal method

,有上部取出 Depending on the volume of the crucible, there is a lower part to take out , and an upper part to take out

Feeding method

下部出料。 Feed up and down.

cooling method

Double-layer furnace shell, air-cooled

Furnace shell temperature


Computer interface

RS485 / RS232 / USB

Random spare parts

Two spare originals for heating, two sets of rods, one manual, one certificate

Scope and duration of warranty

The electric furnace is free for one year, and the heating elements are not guaranteed.

Optional accessories

Paperless recorder, paper recorder, computer LCD touch screen, man-machine screen, communication online function, multiple devices and one computer control, print and save data, easy and convenient operation, real-time view and save data

: 1. 上述参数因设计变动 , 恕不通知 Note : 1.The above parameters are subject to change without notice.

坩埚容积和温度可根据客户要求制做 2.Crucible volume and temperature can be made according to customer requirements

流料系统可选:电动,手动。 3. Flow material system optional: electric, manual.

产品因改进 , 若与照片不同 , 恕不通知 4. The product is improved due to the difference from the photos without notice

照片资料 , 版权所有 , 仿冒必究 5.Photo materials , all rights reserved , counterfeiting will be investigated


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